बुधवार, 10 मार्च 2010

Kasab must be punished ASAP

Ajmal kasab is enjoying attention of the Indian Media from the moment he was caught alive on 26/11. The notorious terrorist is changing his comments every single day. He almost laughed at Indian Judicial System and Investigation authorities by saying that he is not the person visible in CCTV footage at the CST.What a joke? 
Kasab may call himself an Indian in coming court sessions. He must be stopped from uttering such baseless comments. All of us know the truth behind Kasab. He deserves a death penalty for his crimes, yet he is enjoying freedom of making useless comments before the Indian Judicial System.
One year has passed; wounds have still not healed. Victims are eagerly waiting for the day when the verdict will be pronounced. Mischievous comments of Ajmal Kasab not only harass victims and their relatives,but also make a mockery of the system. Kasab is taking advantage of the patience of our people. Judicial system should not delay in awarding punishment to Kasab. We have enough evidences to hold him guilty of striking terror and killing innocent people. Kasab is emerging as burden on our shoulders, living on hard earned money of the people whom he targeted.
Kasab was identified by a 10-year-old girl Devika who lost her right leg due to 26/11 incident. She said “"It is not correct to say that I am telling lies about Kasab opening fire. I have taken oath in the name of God I will not tell lies."

Can we deny justice to Devika? Can we deny justice to the little Moshe Holtzberg who lost his parents in 26/11 storm? Can we deny justice to all the victims of 26/11?

Kasab is making unusual demands right from the beginning. He needs special dinner since Arthur Jail’s food does not suit his tongue. He needs perfume because courtroom is filled with his smell the moment he enters the court. He needs books to be bought from his money. Media is arguing over his behavior. Well it is quite visible that Kasab has learned to mislead court however he has not got success in his attempts.

Indian Judicial system must act fast to award him punishment and end his show. Otherwise the misguided terrorist will go on making dubious comments.

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